Saturday, February 16, 2008


I know that we are nearly months (plural) into 2008, but I've just now decided to start over my year, as I have always been a late bloomer anyway (if that's what you can call lack of initiative). So here is my official first blog.

I wanted to begin this almost as a reference for myself in a way, to remember what I've been doing or accomplished, and what inspiration I've run across that my poor short-term memory might cause me to miss out on later. And partly as a good old forum for my own thoughts, just as blogs tend to be.

The first order of business has to do with magazines. For the past few years I've been a connoisseur of periodicals. I like reading books, but I rarely get good recommendations, so most of my recent experiences with books have had to do with embarrassing desperation (i.e. reading James Patterson novels because they are there and I am bored).

So I've been pretty loyal to magazines. What's not to love? New issues are coming out all the time, and they're filled with bite-sized articles to feed my thirst for useless knowledge. And, of course, I like the visual stimulus too. So I've developed some favorites along the way. There are two that I've recently been turned onto though which are driving me crazy -- Lula and Preen.

I started collecting Lula three issues back, and I was trying earlier to get the first two issues. Preen I've only seen once at a Barnes & Noble in Anapolis, but it's kind of like a darker version of the same aesthetic to me. And yes, I used the word "collecting" earlier. I felt weird about doing that before, but the more I read Elle Decoration UK, the more I realize how many people collect magazines. My night stand is a stack of Luckys. It's a bit sick, but at least I'm not doing crack, right?

If anyone knows how to get back issues of Lula, let me know. Or if you have any good book recommendations, I'll take that too. The last good one I read was To Air is Human, ha.

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