Thursday, April 26, 2012

veritably vert

I posted the aforementioned peyote necklace in my shop today. I noticed a micro trend in my crafting as of late, see if you can guess:

Yep, it looks like I have Spring on my mind! I just looked up the word "green" in the dictionary out of curiosity, and there are SO MANY definitions. In addition to being a beautiful, copious color, it also represents so much about growth, life, abundance, new beginnings, freshness (and sometimes even envy and nausea, haha). I also have this attraction to snakes and snake-like imagery. Maybe I'm just wishing for my own garden of Eden. Or maybe it's directly related to the sprawling split-leaf philodendron and rubber tree plant taking over part of my living room. In any case, I welcome the inspiration!

Semi-relatedly, I have a family of finches nesting on my bedroom windowsill. They are situated right beneath the AC window unit, which worries me a bit with summer coming. But it sounds like the loud-mouthed babies (so loud) are getting bigger, so they might be gone by the time I need to cool off. It's actually fun listening to them chirping frantically all day, and then even MORE frantically when the mother comes around. I had a bus stop next to window in one of my old apartments, so birds are actually quite nice in comparison.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

done and done

Just a quick post to say I updated my shop! Latest obsession: boondoggle. I also got a leather tooling kit recently. Lord, help me. There are still other pieces in the works, namely another peyote necklace. I took a little hiatus to do a lot of this:

and a wee bit of this:

along with working my butt off (and having a sore butt from the previous activity). I just started reading The Power of Habit, and along with all the etsy articles I read, it's making me want to make lists and goals and rework my branding again! It's a process, for sure. Thankfully, a fun process! Speaking of fun processes, I'm gonna go eat some pineapple and paint wooden snakes whilst listening to good music.