Sunday, February 17, 2008

and ever

I'd seen this print a long while ago in one of my magazines, and thought it was perfectly awesome. I hadn't thought about it in a while, until the other day when I remembered how much I liked it. So I finally just broke down and bought it. Glee!

My method for shopping is mostly to wait it out when I see something I like. And if it's worth having, I will still be thinking about it at a much later date. It saves me a lot of money. I also look at a lot of things and think to myself, "I can make that." Even if I never do, at least I didn't spend!

Despite these handy money-saving tips, it seems I will still never be able to afford a house. I went to look at one with Cary today. It was really cute, but out of our range. I don't think that houses in our price range exist in Richmond. My dream is that one of our landlords will announce that they're tired of taking care of rental properties, and that the rent we have paid will be considered down payment on the apartment we're at. Do you think it'll happen folks??


Amy said...

It will never happen. But I have had the same thoughts about my apartment. Except my landlord sweetens the deal by saying he will throw in the apartment next door at no extra cost!

lesliewar said...

That sounds like a loverly dream. Unless it turned into the dream where you forget you had an extra apartment that you've been wasting, and you're really pissed off.