Monday, February 18, 2008

fitter, happier, more productive

I managed to overcome my inertia today and work on some projects I'd been meaning to finish. I haven't posted anything new in my shop in a while, so hopefully this latest batch of goods will be photographed and uploaded this week.

I also worked on a drawing for a coworker. I've pretty much decided that I don't want to do any drawings for anyone for a long time. I'm not very good at executing somebody else's vision, and I don't feel very rewarded by the struggle. Drawing from nothing has always been hard for me. I'm not bad at drawing, I just like to have a reference. And it was difficult enough coming up with my own art in school! I just have more ideas for sewing/craft.

Which brings me to the matter of my supply overload. I have so many supplies I need to work my way through. I have this fear that I will botch a project with some rare fabric or notion that I won't be able to find again. Obviously I need to get over that. There's always something better/newer/more exciting -- I shouldn't worry too much. Maybe we'll be seeing some experimental MischaLee items in the future? I sure hope so.

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