Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I feel so busy lately, but not very productive for all of that. Despite the annoying fact, I have a few things to be happy about.

Number one! I have finally posted the aforementioned necklaces in my shop. They really reflect how jazzed I am about color right now. I am digging the hot pink, expect more of the same down the road. The ribbon has pretty much always been a part of the MischaLee vocabulary in the context of packaging, but now it's pushed its way into the designs. Which I am perfectly pleased with.

Number two! Another one of my creations, the Lolly necklace, is also online right now, which I am really excited about. I did a batch of them for a French client, who just put them up not long ago on her own webpage, Mademoiselle Urbaine. She gathered items from artists and designers she liked for her page, which is incredibly amazing. It's all in French, but you should check it out regardless. I'm so flattered to be included! *blushes*

Number three! I got a belated birthday present from my in-laws, which I feel juvenile for being so into. But... it's a Blythe! I had been wanting one for so long, and the crazily large variety of clothing and accessories for her makes me rub my hands together with excitement. It's a bit ridiculous, but she has an allure that you can't deny, which is why there are so many people who photgraph her, like Gina Garan. Look at this one she took:
That's a lot of je ne sais quois for a doll, you have to admit.

Other than those big things, there are a handful of smaller joys, such as issue 6 of Lula, Girl Scout cookies, tax returns, and blooming flora. Sweet.

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