Sunday, January 8, 2012

resolution not dissolution

Happy New Year! We are only eight days into 2012, but I already feel like I'm farther than that because of all the plans I have for this year. Normally I hate resolutions, because I don't like feeling like I've "failed" when I don't do things exactly as I'd planned. "January 1st is just another day, I want to live my life organically", and other excuses. I'm also not one to hate on the previous year, so I don't feel the need to reinvent myself annually. But all of that said, I DO have high hopes and some plans that I'm trying to commit to (and some that I have already committed to, in a big way!).

I'm continuing my business-minded-ness this year, and I hope to keep growing in that arena. I already have some exciting projects lined up, and I have a shop update lined up for Tuesday the 10th. I'm planning on applying for a local craft show in the Spring to get my feet wet. Hopefully my iPad will become a good business tool also to make it all a little easier to pull off.

Part of this business drive is just because I enjoy it, but part of it is out of necessity because I will need the extra money for SCHOOL. I can barely believe it myself, but this is a big commitment that I made that begins in August. I've put my deposit down, and I'm so excited! I stumbled upon Sharpe Jewelry Academy on the Visual Arts Center website whilst looking for basic jewelry workshops to brush up on some skills. Jay Sharpe is a local jeweler who has been making/teaching for 20+ years, but the program is new. I can't wait to learn new techniques to elevate my jewelry-making and really immerse myself in the business, whether it's all mine, or a combination of working for myself and a jewelry store. Only time will tell where I land after it ends in June 2013, but I feel like a new chapter in my life and career has begun, and I'm up for the challenge big time.

I'm more "me" than ever before, which I'm sure always comes with age, and I've been defining what I want out of life a lot lately. It feels really good to be doing all of this. For some reason I have had loads of creative energy, so I've been taking advantage and have all sorts of smaller goals and projects to fill in the spaces too. I just want to be healthy and present as much as possible. Every year, not just 2012, is about making it happen! So that's what I'm poised to do.

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