Tuesday, September 9, 2008

sun in, sun out

I just spotted this great installation on Design*Sponge that Amy Soczka did for Urban Outfitters.

I think something like this would be a really cool thing to do in Tyvek for window treatments. Kind of Tord Boontje-esque. I've been really interested in alternative window treatments lately, like frosted panes and colored gels (the ones they use for stage lighting). I've always liked accordian-style shutters too, because of memories of my grandma's house. All of this is probably part of that nesting instinct, which is hard to satisfy in a rental property.

I also wish I could get ahold of this.

I don't remember how I even discovered this, but I really like Miranda July. It was part of a subscription from The Thing, which sends art done by different artists on a quarterly basis to its subscribers.

Today though I will take bare windows, as there is hardly any sunlight and has been overcast and raining since this morning. I appreciate what rain does for the ecosystem and all, but let's have at least a few hours of sun, alright? (I love negotiating with the powers-that-be...)

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