Thursday, September 4, 2008

breathing room

I finally, FINALLY, organized my studio space. It was looking pretty bad for a while. The whole house was, in fact. Right now though, the place is almost perfect. I've been patting myself on the back for how much I was able to get rid of. I even got rid of some of my fabric stash! And let me tell you, it's good to be uncluttered (we are speaking of Leslie standards of uncluttered, by the way).

So anyhoo, since I had all this wide open space, I was able to comfortably do projects! I started a fabric necklace I saw in a Craftster tutorial. I made TWO tailor's hams with some fabric scraps I had. And I made this lovely jumper, which I am so taken with.

It's stretchy sweatshirt-ish material, which will be great for fall. It only took a couple of hours, including cutting time, because of my serger (how I love thee, serger). Sewing the buttons on took almost as much time as the construction, ha. I got all the buttons in a giant jar from the thrift store. There were so many awesome ones that didn't have matches and I wanted to make something that put them all together.

I've organized my half-finished projects so I know what's there, which is a relief too. I have tons of ideas all the time, and I usually feel guilty when I'm not making things. It's good to know I can just come into my studio now and get crackin'!

P.S. -- Forgive my crappy photos. The only non-perfect thing in my house is the low lighting...

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