Sunday, June 8, 2008

further still

A couple of days ago I decided to check out the Burda Style website. I had read about it several times, and I see the magazine at the bookstore whenever I'm there feeding my addiction. For anyone who doesn't know, it's a place to get free sewing patterns you can download and tile together off your printer at home (By the way, Fitz Patterns is a good place to go too).

I spent a LOT of time browsing the patterns... there are so many good ones! Not all of them are made in different sizes because a lot of people submit them to the website, but there are all kinds of tutorials to help you along if you have questions. Normally I don't like using patterns, I find them to be a pain in the butt. But I'll take a free pattern, sure! Especially when it's for something like these:

I love them! I think they're the perfect mix of classic and modern, with great lines. The folded funnel neck on the coat looks like origami. The girl who made these has a blog as well. I can relate to her fabric obsession, only it seems that she uses more of her stash than I. Maybe I will have to download some free patterns to use up mine, wink.

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