Monday, February 27, 2017

clap your hands say WHAT?

I just watched the Oscars last night, like millions of other people around the country. Although I wasn't aware of it until today, there was something else a lot of people were talking about, besides the craziness around announcing Moonlight as Best Picture.

What is up with Nicole Kidman's strange clapping style? It's pretty bizarre to see a person not making full contact with their hands, and we've all seen enough clapping emojis to know what it's supposed to look like. I have my own theory about what is happening here, and it doesn't have to do with Nicole Kidman being a weirdo.

It looks to me like this is someone who is trying to protect expensive diamond rings. She was dripping in diamonds last night! Most celebrities borrow jewelry from high-end luxury brands, usually their most epic aspirational pieces (did you see Ruth Negga's tiara??). I know if I had thousands, or millons, of dollars worth of diamonds on my hands, I'd be feeling pretty funny about banging them together too. You can see how she self-consciously twists the ring around her finger as it's getting lopsided from the awkward clapping.

What does this mean for the common person? Even if you don't have millions of dollars worth of diamonds, you might own an eternity band or a ring with an embossed pattern on the shank. To protect them from getting banged up during clapping, adopt a different technique and offset your palms so they are perpendicular. It doesn't look so awkward and you can still clap heartily. Here's looking at you, Nicole...thanks for the teaching moment.

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tvslater said...

i know that when i'm wearing diamond-encrusted jewelry, there's nothing to fear - diamonds don't break! they're diamonds! just make sure there's no supporting metal exposed and everything will be fine.

Leslie said...

It's true, diamonds are very durable! They can fracture though, and they can scratch other diamonds. The higher risk is damaging settings, and damaged settings drop stones. I think a lot of people would agree that losing a stone is maybe even worse than damaging it. The other risk is your diamonds scratching other metals or stones. My advice extends to anybody who is conscious of messing up their jewelry of whatever metal or stone type. Some people think of scratches as history, although I'm sure Harry Winston wouldn't like it if you described it like that upon returning their loaner, lol.