Thursday, February 23, 2012


Yeah, I've been around, but I'm due for an update. Today I posted some new stuff in my shop, and I thought I'd also give a little window into my process. I just recently went gaga over a new (to me) technique. Remember how I had my little foray into beading rosettes? I just rediscovered that book on my shelf and began -- peyote stitch!

Anybody who knows me in real life has been inundated with my craft dork talk about this already (tough luck, guys...the obsession has just begun). Let me back up for a minute. I have always had this strange attraction to woven ropes and bungee cords. To refresh your memory:

Why, you ask? Can't you see?? Look closer:

How could you not think those patterns are pretty? So anyway, having this attraction didn't serve me very well. I don't rock climb, I rarely need bungees, and when I do they are for non-aesthetic purposes, such as tying my trunk down and securing items. I suppose I could wear a rope around my neck, but that seems rather morbid. I don't like the idea of itchy nylon on my skin anyhow. What I do like it the feeling of a good weighty piece of jewelry, and what's better for that than a tapestry of glass seed beads?

The patterns seem like they will translate so well. And the possibilities are endless. Ikat, zig-zags, dots, stripes? Sure! I will admit, this process probably looks like torture to some. Painstakingly threading tiny beads... one by one... but I find it to be relaxing and very satisfying to see something so beautiful at the end. I have one big project in mind right now to utilize this technique, and some small ones for the interim. So exciting! It's good to feel inspired, haha.

In other news, the weather has been really great the past couple of days. It seems like Winter and Spring have been playing leapfrog for the past few months. We had snow on Sunday and today -- 72 degrees (!!). It was a nice treat though, and it always puts me in a good mood. I'm gonna utilize my night with an epic beading and new music session.

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