Monday, December 6, 2010

starting over

Hmmm, that was a long hiatus. Friends, I've been around, but I've been busy. Right now I'm settling into a new place and getting some stuff taken care of in my life. Things are starting to get normal again, and so I've been getting back to my creative pursuits slowly. I have been working on stuff, I just haven't been talking about it. BUT to make up for lost time:

Jack-o-lantern carving

Paper chain making

Banana sewing

Dream catching

It feels really good to get back into the groove. Hopefully that means I'll start Etsy-ing again as well. That's the plan anyway. :)

In related news, I was also without internet for three months. THREE! It was tough, but I got through it. I'm so inspired again, it's nice having a treasure trove of visual stimuli at my fingertips with the good ol' interweb. God bless the 21st century (for the most part, anyway).

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